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Re: Senter 2004 - Renesto and Binelli 2005 (very short)

Foreword: my computer keyboard is defective, so, apologies in advance for any typo that will escape my eye-checking of the e-mail.

I only wish to point out that the aim of Renesto and Binelli (2005) was mainly the description of Vallesaurus and secondarily to show how even with Senter matrix (just a little updated and corrected of some flaws) the nesting of drepanosaurids within coelurosauravids was not so well founded, and just a little integration moved the whole group again within Arcosauromorpha. The same may well apply to Longisquama, but having not seen the specimen we did not apply any correction to the data matrix of Senter for that taxon, this is the only reason why it was left where it was. I am also pretty aware that our matrix (as well as Senter's one) excludes too many taxa to be consistent for a reliable phlylogeny of crown group Diapsida. Or even of the Drepanosauridae.

When the preparation of another of these tiny critters I have currently under study will be completed (not too long to wait, I sincerely hope) , perhaps I will have the chance to say something more reliable and make a more extensive and in depth analysis.




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