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RE: DML postings and archives

Thanks Mary. Speaking solely on my own behalf, I don't mind if any of my postings are re-used, as long as there is suitable acknowledgement. (Heck, most of my postings aren't worth repeating!) But I do take exception to the execrable Stephan Pickering, who has a habit of copying-and-pasting DML postings verbatim into his own website (without acknowledgement), as well as "re-organizing" the substance of DML postings as his own (supposed) intellectual output. Hence my previous tongue-in-cheek posting.



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Subject: DML postings and archives
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A warning to those who mine the DML archives for information: the postings and archives are protected under copyright. No one can strip the author or site's name off of a posting and then repost it on their own website without violating copyright law. I have also seen DML material reposted as "on another forum..." Even if someone else sends you the material, it is still under copyright.


The archives are free to read but not to repost to other sites without express permission from the authors.


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Subject: Correction/update #2 - Mesozoic dinosaur species - 2000-2007 (to date)

Thanks to Sean Newell for bringing this to my attention: 
Richardoestesia isosceles - eumaniraptoran? 
Richardoestesia isosceles Sankey, 2001 
The Mesozoic birds are below. I'm posting this for the benefit of Stephan Pickering, who diligently checks the DML archives and copied-and-pasted my previous list into his own website. Here ya go, Stephan. Good luck with your latest scholarly masterpiece: "King Kong, Crucifictionism, Dinosaurology, and Proto-Nazis Under the Bed: A Thought Experiment". (Is that the correct title?) Sounds like a Pulitzer-in-the-making. 
Mesozoic Aves 
Wellnhoferia grandis - basal avian (archaeopterygid) 
Jeholornis prima - non-pygostylian avian ("jeholornithid") 
Shenzhouraptor sinensis - non-pygostylian avian ("jeholornithid") 
Jixiangornis orientalis - non-pygostylian avian ("jeholornithid") 
Dalianraptor cuhe - non-pygostylian avian ("jeholornithid"?) 
Sapeornis chaoyangensis - non-ornithothoracean pygostylian ("omnivoropterygid") 
Omnivoropteryx sinousaorum - non-ornithothoracean pygostylian ("omnivoropterygid") 
Jinzhouornis yixianensis - non-ornithothoracean pygostylian (confusiusornithid) 
Jinzhouornis zhangjiyingia - non-ornithothoracean pygostylian (confusiusornithid) 
Protopteryx fengningensis - basal enantiornithean ("protopterygid") 
Jibeinia luanhera - enantiornithean 
Vescornis hebeiensis - enantiornithean 
Longipteryx chaoyangensis - enantiornithean 
Cathayornis aberransis - enantiornithean 
Dapingfangornis sentisorhinus - enantiornithean 
Eocathayornis walkeri - enantiornithean 
Halimornis thompsoni - enantiornithean 
Elsornis keni - enantiornithean 
Aberratiodontus wui - enantiornithean 
Dalingheornis liweii - enantiornithean 
Longirostravis hani - enantiornithean 
Dalingheornis liweii - enantiornithean 
Cerebavis cenomanica - enantiornithean? 
Apsaravis ukhaana - non-neornithean euornithean 
Limenavis patagonica - non-neornithean euornithean 
Enaliornis seeleyi - non-neornithean euornithean (hesperornithiform?) 
Potamornis skutchi - non-neornithean euornithean (hesperornithiform?) 
Hesperornis bairdi - non-neornithean euornithean (hesperornithiform) 
Hesperornis chowi - non-neornithean euornithean (hesperornithiform) 
Hesperornis macdonaldi - non-neornithean euornithean (hesperornithiform) 
Hesperornis mengeli - non-neornithean euornithean (hesperornithiform) 
Guildavis tener - non-neornithean euornithean 
Archaeorhynchus spathula - non-neornithean euornithean 
Hongshanornis longicresta - non-neornithean euornithean 
Yanornis martini - non-neornithean euornithean ("yanornithiform") 
Yixianornis grabaui - non-neornithean euornithean ("yanornithiform") 
Archaeovolans repatriatus = Yanornis martini 
Piksi barbarulna - ornithothoracean (incertae sedis - neornithean?) 
Iaceornis marshi - non-neornithean euornithean or basal neornithean 
Austinornis lentus - neornithean (pangalliform) 
Teviornis gobiensis - neornithean (crown anseriform, anatoid, presbyornithid) 
Vegavis iaai - neornithean (crown anseriform, anatoid) 
Polarornis gregorii - neornithean (crown gaviiform?) 
Cimolopteryx petra - neornithean (pancharadriiform) 
Novacaesareala hungerfordi - neornithean (incertae sedis) 
Jibeinia luanhera Hou, 2000 
  (type of Jibeinia Hou, 2000) 
Longipteryx chaoyangensis Zhang, Zhou, Hou and Gu, 2000 
  (type of Longipteryx chaoyangensis Zhang, Zhou, Hou and Gu, 2000) 
Protopteryx fengningensis Zhang and Zhou, 2000 
  (type of Protopteryx Zhang and Zhou, 2000) 
Apsaravis ukhaana Norell and Clarke, 2001 
  (type of Apsaravis Norell and Clarke, 2001) 
Limenavis patagonica Clarke and Chiappe, 2001 
  (type of Limenavis Clarke and Chiappe, 2001) 
Potamornis skutchi Elzanowski, Paul and Stidham, 2001 
  (type of Potamornis Elzanowski, Paul and Stidham, 2001) 
Sapeornis chaoyangensis Zhou and Zhang 2001 
  (type of Sapeornis Zhou and Zhang 2001) 
Wellnhoferia grandis Elzanowski, 2001 
  (type of Wellnhoferia Elzanowski, 2001) 
Yanornis martini Zhou and Zhang, 2001 
  (type of Yanornis Zhou and Zhang, 2001) 
Yixianornis grabaui Zhou and Zhang, 2001 
  (type of Yixianornis Zhou and Zhang, 2001) 
Archaeovolans repatriatus Czerkas and Xu, 2002 
  (type of Archaeovolans Czerkas and Xu, 2002) 
Cathayornis aberransis Hou, Zhou, Zhang and Gu, 2002 
Cimolopteryx petra Hope, 2002 
Enaliornis seeleyi Galton and Martin, 2002 
Eocathayornis walkeri Zhou, 2002 
Halimornis thompsoni Chiappe, Lamb, and Ericson 2002 
 (type of Halimornis Chiappe, Lamb, and Ericson 2002) 
Hesperornis bairdi Martin and Lim, 2002 
Hesperornis chowi Martin and Lim, 2002 
Hesperornis macdonaldi Martin and Lim, 2002 
Hesperornis mengeli Martin and Lim, 2002 
Jeholornis prima Zhou and Zhang, 2002 
  (type of Jeholornis Zhou and Zhang, 2002) 
Jinzhouornis yixianensis Hou, Zhou, Zhang and Gu, 2002 
  (type of Jinzhouornis Hou, Zhou, Zhang and Gu, 2002) 
Jinzhouornis zhangjiyingia Hou, Zhou, Zhang and Gu, 2002 
Jixiangornis orientalis Ji, Ji, Zhang, You, Zhang, Wang, Yuan and Ji, 2003 
  (type of Jixiangornis Ji, Ji, Zhang, You, Zhang, Wang, Yuan and Ji, 2003) 
Novacaesareala hungerfordi Parris and Hope, 2002 
  (type of Novacaesareala Parris and Hope, 2002) 
Omnivoropteryx sinousaorum Czerkas and Ji, 2002 
  (type of Omnivoropteryx Czerkas and Ji, 2002) 
Piksi barbarulna Varrichio 2002 
  (type of Piksi Varrichio 2002) 
Polarornis gregorii Chatterjee, 2002 
  (type of Polarornis Chatterjee, 2002) 
Shenzhouraptor sinensis Ji, Ji, You, Zhang, Yuan, Ji,, Li, and Li, 2002 
  (type of Shenzhouraptor Ji, Ji, You, Zhang, Yuan, Ji,, Li, and Li, 2002) 
Teviornis gobiensis Kurochkin, Dyke, and Karhu, 2002 
  (type of Teviornis Kurochkin, Dyke, and Karhu, 2002) 
Aberratiodontus wui Gong, Hou and Wang, 2004 
  (type of Aberriatiodontus Gong, Hou and Wang, 2004) 
Austinornis lentus (Marsh, 1877) comb. nov. 
  (type of Austinornis Clarke, 2004) 
Guildavis tener (Marsh, 1884) comb. nov. 
  (type of Guildavis Clarke, 2004) 
Iaceornis marshi Clarke, 2004 
  (type of Iaceornis Clarke, 2004) 
Longirostravis hani Hou, Chiappe, Zhang, and Cheng, 2004 
  (type of Longirostravis Hou, Chiappe, Zhang, and Cheng, 2004) 
Vescornis hebeiensis Zhang, Ericson and Zhou, 2004 
  (type of Vescornis Zhang, Ericson and Zhou, 2004) 
Dalianraptor cuhe Gao and Liu, 2005 
 (type of Dalianraptor Gao and Liu, 2005) 
Hongshanornis longicresta Zhou and Zhang, 2005 
  (type of Hongshanornis Zhou and Zhang, 2005) 
Vegavis iaai Clarke, Tambussi, Noriega, Erickson and Ketcham, 2005 
  (type of Vegavis Clarke, Tambussi, Noriega, Erickson and Ketcham, 2005) 
Archaeorhynchus spathula Zhou and Zhang, 2006 
  (type of Archaeorhynchus Zhou and Zhang, 2006) 
Cerebavis cenomanica Kurochkin, Saveliev, Postnov, Pervushov, and Popov, 2006 
  (type of Cerebavis Kurochkin, Saveliev, Postnov, Pervushov, and Popov, 2006) 
Dalingheornis liweii Zhang, Hou, Hasegawa, O'Connor, Martin, and Chiappe, 2006 
  (type of Dalingheornis Zhang, Hou, Hasegawa, O'Connor, Martin, and Chiappe, 2006) 
Dapingfangornis sentisorhinus Li, Duan, Hu, Wang, Cheng and Hou, 2006 
  (type of Dapingfangornis Li, Duan, Hu, Wang, Cheng and Hou, 2006) 
Elsornis keni Chiappe, Suzuki, Dyke, Watabe, Tsogtbaatar and Barsbold, 2006 
  (type of Elsornis Chiappe, Suzuki, Dyke, Watabe, Tsogtbaatar and Barsbold, 2006) 
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