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RE: Late Triassic prosauropods from Madagascar and Texas

Nick Gardner wrote:

Also, has there been any further work on the Madagascaran "prosauropods"?

They don't appear to be prosauropods, or even dinosaurs. There may be something more recent than this, but this is what Goswami et al. (2005) had to say:

"Recently, terrestrial sediments of ?Isalo II? (of the Isalo Group) from the southern Morondava Basin of Madagascar (Besairie, 1936) have yielded a diverse mid-late Triassic fauna, including the island's first traversodontid cynodonts (Flynn et al., 1999, 2000) and potentially the oldest known prosauropod (Flynn et al., 1999). The latter was tentatively identified based on synapomorphies of the dentary and maxillae shared with Prosauropoda (Flynn et al., 1999), although preparation of additional cranial and postcranial material likely pertaining to this taxon suggests that it may represent a more basal archosaur (thus, to reflect this uncertainty, we conservatively refer to this archosaur taxon as ?prosauropod? in quotation marks throughout this paper)."


Goswami, A., Flynn, J.J., Ranivoharimanana, L., and Wyss, A.R. (2005) Dental microwear in Triassic amniotes: implications for paleoecology and masticatory mechanics. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 25: 320?329.

Flynn J. J., Parrish, J.M., Rakotosamimanana, B., Simpson, W.F., Whatley, R.L., and Wyss, A.R. (1999). A Triassic fauna from Madagascar, including early dinosaurs. Science. 286: 763?765.




Nick Gardner

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