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problems w/ Osteology of Birds

Sorry about that I did not know that the link expires.

1) try going to:

2)Then click "Search Digital Collections" at bottom of

3)Then click the "content" search tab and type in
"osteology" and do the search. The osteology of bird
should come up in the list. you can't save from the
list because it comes up as an HTML link. Click the
blue "osteology of birds" link (text) and a window
should pop-up with the pdf in it. then you can save
from there. 

If that does not work then I can only think of two
things, disable your pop-up blocker, or somehow I have
access from my school and I did not know others don't.
if that should be the case, I have the pdf, e-mail me
again and I will try and send it via e-mail or some
other means, that is if its not to big. 

Hope that helps,

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