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"Dinosaur Alphabet" PR

Due to a tragedy of errors, a version of the following message was
delayed.  The original should have gone out in time for people in the
NYC area to have seen the show at the Fuse Gaallery.  My apologies to
one and all that things didn't go as they should have. -- MPR

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Subject: Re: DML (w/r/t 
To: mrowe@lifesci.ucsb.edu (Mickey Rowe;893-2446)
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 01:18:21 -0500 (EST)
From: "Leslie Alexander"

Greetings, DML -- 

This is an email regarding a newly-released and "dinosaur relevant" kids' 
book, and a recently-concluded -- but still virtually-viewable -- NYC art 
exhibit, including all the artwork from the book; a legendary underground 
cartoonist & lifelong dinosaur fan has recently published a unique volume, 
celebrating saurian life in most entertaining style; his creative career 
includes SubGenius radio, performance & graphic arts, & many "UG" comix

- -- not exactly bio details people'd expect, for the author of a vividly
engaging, carefully-researched, factually-annotated, and gorgeously 
illustrated kids' book -- of abecedarian dinosaur poetry... Interested? 

A fine dino & comix art show just closed in its F2F form, in downtown 
Manhattan -- however, it's still possible to experience this show, 
now and for some time to come, online...!

"Ornaments of Evolution" featuring artwork from "DINOSAUR ALPHABET"
- -- A Comix-Influenced Paleoart Exhibit in NY's East Village --  
with Virtual Access!


(SF web-maven Scott Beale's recent post 
about the exhibit, with link to slideshow)


(Fuse Gallery's archival "Virtual Installation" of the exhibit)


(festive writeup of the exhibit's reception, 
accompanying Anya Martin's book review)

Above are several links regarding this fine comix & paleoart exhibit --
featuring comix art and dinosaur artwork by Harry S. "AKA Hal" Robins, 
as originally seen in salon.com's "Dark Hotel", and in his delightful 
new NAB/FROG kids' book, "DINOSAUR ALPHABET" -- this show may still be  
virtually visited and enjoyed, via Fuse's & LaughingSquid's URLs above; 
here too is its nicely descriptive page, from the book's publisher --

http://www.northatlanticbooks.com/store/1583941673.html -- 

with an author biography, describing a few of Hal's many other creative 
efforts (..the author's own site, relating to celebrated SF performance 
art appearances, with contact info, may be found at www.askdrhal.com --)

The original dinosaur artwork's for sale, as are limited edition prints 
of same, at great prices -- please do feel free to contact Fuse Gallery 
via their website, or the artist/author himself, if you're interested 
in finding out even more; it's nicely possible to "search inside" this 
book, at Amazon dot com's website, too..!

We believe you'll be most favorably impressed with both art & writing...
NY's AMNH & Cal Academy have expressed interest in carrying the title --
as have Bank Street Books, & Books of Wonder; Crawford Doyle stocks it, 
and, signed copies are also still available right now, via East Village 
kids' emporium Dinosaur Hill -- www.dinosaurhill.com -- and, at the 
NYU campus area Shakespeare & Co., located at 716 Broadway --

Thanks very much for your attention; please feel free to "pass it on" --
we hope you'll enjoy Hal Robins' book & virtually-accessible art exhibit.

cheers & best regards -- 

L S Alexander

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