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Re: Margaret Matthew Colbert

Margaret Colbert was one of  the great pioneers of paleoart. Just last week I 
was looking at her exquisite  scratchboard drawings in her husband's 1958 
book, _Millions of Years Ago_. They  are classic and rate as well if not not 
better than most anything you see you  see today. I wish I could post them 
somewhere. She was also an excellent  sculptor. Her most famous model was the 
bust of 
the then newly-minted  Pachycephalosaurus, but she also did a fine 
Lystrosaurus. A biography by Ann  Elliot was published in 2000, _Charming the 
Along with Maurice Wilson,  she is one of the most unjustly underrated of our 
artists. She's in the  Pantheon. DV  

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