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Re: Gigantspinosaurus: a legit name (was RE: Almost New Papers)

Tom Holtz wrote:

Sadly, it is legit and so we don't get to improve the name. Susannah Maidment (Cambridge) presented a stegosaur paper at SVP last year with this critter in it. Afterwards I asked about its
status, and as far as she can tell Ouyang 1992 represents a valid work
for the purposes of taxonomic nomenclature.

Yes, the article that first describes _Gigantspinosaurus_ might fulfll (barely) the letter of the ICZN Code - if not the spirit. However, one potential loophole is offered by Article 9 ("What does not constitute published work"). The last provision (9.9) states: "abstracts of articles, papers, posters, texts of lectures, and similar material when issued primarily to participants at meetings, symposia, colloquia or congresses." Ouyeng (1992) may fit the bill, given that the article appears in a text entitled:

"The Satellite Meeting of the First Youth Academic Annual Confereces by Chinese Science
Association, Abstracts and Summaries for Youth Academic Symposium on New Discoveries and
Ideas in Stratigraphic Paleontology, Nanjing, Dec. 1992."

Although it's clear that Ouyeng (1992) is more than just an abstract, it may be that dissemination of the _Gigantspinosaurus_ description might have been limited to attendees of this symposium. If so, it is not a valid publication, according to Article 9.

The original 1992 publication also flouts a number of Recommendations ("Wide dissemination", "Public accessibility of published works", etc) by dint of the fact that the publication has escaped attention for so long (Dinosauria II omits it, for example), and is almost impossible to acquire. Still, these are just Recommendations.

David Marjanovic wrote:

Is it "sichanensis" in the original?

Because if the specific name contains an obvious typo, maybe we can make a case that the generic name does, too?

I'm not sure the ICZN would be too sympathetic. The author would have to make it clear that he intended to spell the name differently in the original publication, and that something went awry (32.5.1). Even if more than one spelling appeared in the original article (i.e., something other than the lamentable "Gigantspinosaurus"), subsequent publications would appear to have cemented the correct spelling as _Gigantspinosaurus_, since one of these would serve as a de facto First Reviser (Article 24 - although 24.2.5. may offer a glimmer of hope).



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