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Re: Self-Archiving

On copyrights and the arxiv.org preprint server - the journals have
gotten over it, especially since bibliometric studies have shown that
being listed first at arxiv increases the citation rate of 
contemporary papers. At least in my own discipline of astronomy,
this may have been eased by the fact that maybe 6 journals account
for 90% of citations worldwide, and that most of these are supported
by societies rather than being purely commercial endeavors. The
editors cam to the conclusion that e-prints were a natural continuation
of the long practice of exchanging preprints. Mind you, submissions
to Science and Nature may show up with strict warnings about
embargo dates and when they may be cited. 

By now, showing up in the daily arxiv listings is a much better way
to be noticed than showing up only in the paper editions (not just
my opinion, there are people who've done citation counts to check).

Bill Keel