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More Papers from the Early Sauropodmorph Volume

Jerry D. Harris writes:
 > Wedel, M. 2007. What pneumaticity tells us about 'prosauropods',
 > and vice versa; pp. 207-222 in Barrett, P.M. and Batten,
 > D.J. (eds.), Evolution and Palaeobiology of Early Sauropodomorph
 > Dinosaurs. Special Papers in Palaeontology 77. Palaeontological
 > Association, London.

Matt has described this paper as follows:

        Were prosauropods pneumatic?  The fossils don't say.
        Somehow I stretched that out to 16 pages.

On the other hand, Randy Irmis described it as "a fantastic paper" and
"an exemplary paleobiological study".  You can decide for yourselves,
since the paper is available from Matt's web-site:

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