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RE: Our current understanding of Mesozoic bird phylogeny

Mickey Mortimer wrote:

Very possible
862 steps- confuciusornithids as enantiornithines
Surprisingly, this reduced version of Sauriurae (which shouldn't be termed Sauriurae, as it lacks Archaeopteryx) is highly parsimonious.

Interesting. A Confuciusornithidae+Enantiornithes clade would explain the similar hallucal morphology between confuciusornithids and certain enantiornitheans (like _Concornis_ and _Sinornis_). In all these taxa, the hallux is medially/posteromedially oriented to form an incipiently or weakly perching foot. Avisaurids show a more advanced condition, presumably derived from this; while the perching foot of ornithuromorphs evolved independently.



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