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RE: My Pet Dinosaur - Re: If the asteroid had missed...

I watched it last night.  My modest comments on the programme are on my blog
- the three most recent entries for 13 March are all about Horizon:
http://www.juliaheathcote.com/blog.htm.  Any corrections or other comments
welcomed (otherwise I'll never learn!).

As with so many Horizon programmes in recent years, I thought it had tried
to put out several fairly complicated ideas in the space of 50 minutes, and
as a result it was a little disjointed in places and didn't wholly explain
the theories it was advocating.  But it was nice to see some familiar faces,
and they did a good job of explaining their particular research in the time
slots they were given.  And since the BBC website has several pages devoted
to the programme
/) it would have been a nice touch to have a more in-depth "science file",
say, with Curry Rogers' bone thin-sections, or an interactive map of the Red
Gulch tracksite, for example.

Julia Heathcote

> Did anyone see this program on BBC's Horizon?  "My Pet 
> Dinosaur" is evidently what the news release stories were 
> based on.  Funny review of the program at:
> http://www.theherald.co.uk/features/lastnighttv/display.var.12
> 56433.0.0.php
> Mary
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