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Re: "Mammoths, dinosaurs once roamed Arabia"

On 3/14/07, evelyn sobielski <koreke77@yahoo.de> wrote:

> A fourth century mammoth? Surely an elephant-like > jaw from 4th century > deposits is more likely to be... an elephant?! > > I thought the latest surviving mammoths were the > dwarfs known from islands > in the Arctic circle, dating to between 3000 and > 4000 years ago. So 'fourth > millenium BC' might be possible (but not, seemingly, > in Yemen).

An Asian elephant jaw maybe? Would parallel the
ostrich's range reduction (but predate it due to
larger territory/MVP size, obviously) due to
aridification of the inner Arabian Peninsula. In
250BC, the Asian elephant had an isolated relict
population in Syria (Hannibal's lead elephant - and
apparently only that one - was named "The Syrian").

I was of the understanding that Syrus was one of the elephants the Seleucids had imported from India ...

Andreas Johansson

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