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Re: If the asteroid had missed...

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Yet, terror birds staged a large carnivorous come back in SA. Why was this the only one (?).

Random -- nobody else got into that niche first? (Grasslands seem to have a longer history in SA than elsewhere.)

And why did it ultimately fail?

Good question. When did it fail? Aren't there Pleistocene phorusracids in Uruguay?

why enanti's out before the boundary?

Why did Napoleon cross the Mississippi?* :^) *Avisaurus archibaldi* is from the Hell Creek Fm. Of course, it's just a metatarsus -- that's what counts as a good fossil record outside of the Jehol Group, the Santana Fm, and similar exceptional rocks.

* From a book by Lowell & Dingus (1998) that contains a very good explanation of how to understand a cladogram.

why pterosaurs draining before?

Fossil record too bad to tell _whether_ that was the case. We don't even have anything comparable to the Niobrara Fm in the Maastrichtian, and even that one just preserves big ocean soarers.