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Re: Afrotheria revisted

"Their long period of isolation in Africa, as assumed by molecular inferences, 
now to be reconsidered in as much as Eocene paenungulates and elephant-shrews
are here found to be related to some Early Tertiary Euramerican "hyopsodontid
condylarths" (archaic hoofed mammals).
As a result, stem members of afrotherian clades are not strictly African but 
also include
Early Paleogene Holarctic mammals."

How can this be explained. Isn't there a contradiction here with the previously 
findings about common ancestry of the Afrotheria? I mean, does this last part 
not imply

AFAICT, all they're saying is that the biogeographic situation is more complex than previously thought, right? I don't see why this shouldn't be so ... even today there are non-African sirenians and proboscideans, and until fairly recently there were a good deal more.

Mike Keesey