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Re: My Pet Dinosaur - Re: If the asteroid had missed...

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Clinton Deploys Vowels to Bosnia

Interesting what a little orthography will do to people. The only consonant that can be syllabic in Serboc... BCSM is _r_, and most Americans use their own _r_ all the time as if it were a vowel, even though the spelling always carefully hides this fact.

Of course... Czech, Slovak and Sanskrit, for example, have syllabic _r_ and _l_, which in the latter two languages have a length distinction like the vowels. Georgian has _r_, _l_ and _v_... German has _m_, _n_, _ng_, and _l_ (again consistently denied by the spelling), though only in some positions within a word... and then there is... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nux%C3%A1lk_language#Syllables