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RE: JVP 27(1)

Justin Tweet wrote:

Bennett, S. Christopher. 2007. Reassessment of Utahdactylus from the
Jurassic Morrison Formation of Utah. 257-260.

The specimen is found to be undiagnostic, with misidentifications of
remains, and there is no evidence that it was a pterosaur. He considers
it to be an indeterminate diapsid.

An "indeterminate diapsid". Wow, that narrows it down. ;-) Makes you wonder why it was named in the first place.

This therefore refutes:

Czerkas and Mickelson (2002). The first occurence of skeletal pterosaur in Utah.

This was one of the papers in the infamous "Feathered Dinosaurs and the Origin of Flight" Dinosaur Museum Journal volume. The new genera erected in this volume are being whittled down one by one... _Archaeovolans_ (=Yanornis_), _Omnivoropteryx_ (probably the same as _Sapeornis_), _Cryptovolans_ (maybe the same as _Microraptor), _Scansoriopteryx_ (likely the same as _Epidendrosaurus_, though there is dispute over priority).

Incidentally, the potentially non-pterosaur nature of _Utahdactylus_ has been raised before...


(which gives an alternative interpretation.)



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