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how does one...? was Re: JVP 27(1)

> This was one of the papers in the infamous "Feathered Dinosaurs and the
> Origin of Flight" Dinosaur Museum Journal volume.

  Dear Tim and List,

    I thought your comments so intriguing, that I decided to decloke after
months of silent running, and ask this burning question. How does one, or
one's literary work, become infamous? As you have bequeathed this honor on
the Czerkas tome, does this means you have the answer to my question?
    If I disagree with your scientific, social-political, religious, or
lifestyle stance, can I become infamous? Or is infamy reserved for surprise
attacks on military bases without a declaration of war, or a book that has
content you vehemently disagree with?
    As fame has so far eluded me, perhaps I should concentrate my efforts on
becoming infamous. After all is said and done, I do so want my 15 minutes,
...and some of everyone elses.

Flunked out on American Idol ( can't yodel ) Cliff