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Re: Request for Scientific journal on Tyrannosaur


I don't have access to JVP, but you surely should take a look at


an article on dinosaur predation in general.



> (I apologize for resending, but I realize I didnt put a subject, and im sure 
> half the people who see a random email from someone they dont know that says 
> no subject, they will just pass it on.)
> Hi, this is my first time writing anything on this mailing forum so i 
> don't know if this will get to everyone. 
> Ive been writing a report for my school on the debate of whether the 
> Tyrannosaurus Rex was a scavenger or a hunter, and i came across a 
> scientific journal known as Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. I think the 
> title of the particular article is "Bite marks attributable to 
> Tyrannosaurus Rex: preliminary description and implications." If it helps, it 
> was mentioned in this article that bite marks on certain Tyrannosaur prey 
> indicate it was a hunter due to healing.
> If anyone can send me a copy of this article over the internet, or 
> instruct me on where i can obtain it, it would be greatly appreciated.
> Many thanks,
> Panayotis Stavrinos
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