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Re: how does one...? was Re: JVP 27(1)

Cliff Green wrote:

Actually, my post was tongue-in-cheek. Yours came across as malicious.

Then you're being overly defensive, and reading too much into my post. See David's post for what I meant.

By the way, as a word of advice, if your post was intended as "tongue-in-cheek", try and avoid references to wartime tragedies like Pearl Harbor.

" American Idol " is on Sunday nights? As I have never watched the
program, I was unaware of that.You are obviously a fan of the show, knowing it's time
slot and all.

None of the above is correct. I don't watch the show, and I'm unaware of its timeslot. I'm not even in the U.S. at the moment.

Ok, In all seriousness, here's my beef. Over the years, I have seen more
and more cases of
individuals in paleontology lashing out at others with opposing pov's,
making hateful, and sometimes even personal attacks. I have become
completely burnt out on this behavior, and this is the reason I
walked away from the vertpaleo list, over a year ago. I've also been lied to
and shafted on a few to many paleo related sculptural opportunities, as of late.

I don't subscribe to vertpaleo, and I have nothing to do with providing sculptural opportunities. Sounds like a few issues are surfacing here.

FYI, I do not believe Steven Czerkas's claim in "dinosaurs of the air",
that dromaeosaurs are birds. That doesn't mean I think he should have his
name blotted out of the science for heresy.

I didn't say that at all. Again, you're reading too far much into my post.

This is my last post on the Dinosaur Mailing List.


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