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Re: how does one...? was Re: JVP 27(1)

I feel it is a mistake and unfair to write Cliff off as "defensive". Without becoming enmeshed in the details of his issues, I suspect there are many list members who don't contribute because they fear sounding ignorant and have seen how the less knowledgeable can, at times, be treated. While as Erik says this list may not be the place to expect "earnest TLC" those who do contribute in good faith should always be treated with courtesy and respect. It needs to be acknowledged and acted upon that DMLers are a very diverse group of people with different interaction styles, subject knowledge and life circumstances. It should be catering to a wide range of people -- I wonder if it is? It seems to me the rigor and respect brought to discussions of organisms that have been dead for millions of years is not consistently extended to the living.


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