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Re: Jurassic Croc Found With Fish Like Tail

Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 11:19:34 -0700

This new discovery in Oregon of a Jurassic croc with a fish-tail and needle-like teeth is an exciting find for anyone interested in Native American traditions and artistic images of water serpents with fish- tails and needle teeth, and long bodies covered in scutes or scales and with fin or paddle-like appendages.

These notable features of the Jurassic crocodile (needle teeth, forked fish-tail, scales or scutes) are also the distinctive characteristics of water monster representations among the Kiowa, Sioux, the Pomo of northern California, and other tribes.

The 6-8 ft long croc skeleton in Oregon was fairly well preserved and weathering visibly out of rock, so in theory a similar fossil could have been noticed by untrained Indian observers in the past. The artist's illustration of the croc by Jon Hughes for the NARG has a remarkable resemblance to the Kiowa artist Silverhorn's sketch of a water monster with scales or scutes, long narrow head with needle teeth and a forked fish-tail, in the Smithsonian,

I just have one question: could Jon Hughes have been influenced by either Mr. Silverhorn's sketch (in particular) or the paintings of the Kiowa, Sioux, and Pomo (in general) when he made the picture of the croc?

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