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Re: Dinosaurs burrowed to keep warm

--- Dann Pigdon <dannj@alphalink.com.au> wrote:

> Roberto Takata writes: 
> > Could not Oryctodromeus just be trapped inside a lair of another organism?
> I haven't read the paper itself, but apparently the robust forelimbs and 
> structure of the jaw may be adaptations for some sort of digging activity. 
> Of course, these same features would have been handy for scraping out nest 
> hollows for surface-dwellers as well. I wonder whether the tails of these 
> species were less stiffened than the 'average' hypsilophodontid? 

Gee, i notice that scapular is particularly bent, way more so than other in 
other hypsies. I
wonder how this may relate to a borrowing lifestyle.
Or is it just autopomorphic? Also, the skeletal reconstruction shows the 
scapular-corocoid to be
very massive compared to the humerus + antebrachium. Isn't this the opposite of 
what is expected
for a borrower?


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