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Drinker and Oryctodromeus (was Re: Dinosaurs burrowed to keep warm)

Lee Hall wrote:

They could come from anywhere along the tail as the bones were so
jumbled, but with digging modifications it would make sense to see
them at the base, if anywhere, to help with stabilizing the hindlimbs.

Bakker has noted that _Drinker_ lacked ossified tendons, and suggested that that a flexible tail would be useful for a burrow dweller. The taphonomic evidence of burrow-dwelling in _Drinker_ hasn't appeared in print AFAIK - though Bakker has apparentlly mentioned it more than once.


Given the discovery of _Oryctodromeus_, the idea that _Drinker_ was a burrowing "hypsilophodont" will undoubtedly be viewed in a new light_. Drinker_ would extend this behaviour back to the Late Jurassic.



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