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Re: Gliding squamate from the Yixian Fm

On Wednesday 21 March 2007 12:53, David Marjanovic wrote:
> I am told (http://www.wissenschaft.de/wissenschaft/news/276176.html; in
> German) that PNAS has just prepublished *Xianglong zhaoi*, which looks like
> *Draco* or for that matter *Icarosaurus* but is not closely related to
> either, and is very well preserved, with strengthening fibers in the
> gliding membrane spanned between 8 lengthened ribs. The specimen is a 15 cm
> long juvenile. The wings have "aerodynamic values" that resemble those of
> active fliers. Claws for climbing trees were unsurprisingly present. The
> name means "flying dragon" (...the usual word for "flying" apparently being
> preoccupied by the pterosaur *Feilongus*).

See aslo in New Scientist: 
Khamsi R, Ancient lizard extended its rib bones to glide,