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Re: Drinker and Oryctodromeus [JOKE!]

Tim Williams said:
Also, back in the 1970's, Thulborn proposed that heterodontosaurids hibernated (or aestivated) >during the dry season. But this was based on tooth wear patterns (ihe thought that >heterodontosaurids replaced their teeth wholesale only once a year, and had to avoid feeding >during this period). AFAIK there was no taphonomic evidence to support this hibernating >behavior. The idea went over like a lead balloon (heterodontosaurids could in fact replace their >teeth continuously). Hopson even named a heterodontosaurid _Abrictosaurus_ ("awake lizard") to >express his skepticism.

There is ASAIK evidence of Dinosaur migration. Is it possible that *Oryctodromeus* used its burrowing skills to seek a warmer climate in the colder months....say Pismo Beach? That does however they'd have to remembering that left turn at Albuquerque. :-)

Tommy Bradley

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