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Re: Drinker and Oryctodromeus (was Re: Dinosaurs burrowed to keep warm)

franklin e. bliss writes:

Certainly animals with large bony protuberances that stick out like anchors with solid attachment points didn't make a habit of living down a burrow.

Warthogs will make use of another species' abandoned den, and they have all sorts of 'bony protuberances' sticking out of their faces.

That said, I have trouble imagining a stegosaur or large ceratopian going underground. Then again, elephants are known to go into caves on a regular basis in Kenya. Although not strictly 'burrowing' behaviour, they *have* gradually enlarged the caves over the centuries, and it's certainly not the sort of behaviour you'd expect based solely on elephant skeletal anatomy.

http://animal.discovery.com/fansites/wildkingdom/cave_elephants/field/field. html


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