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RE: Berlin Brachiosaurus

On Tue, 27 Mar 2007, Bernat Vila wrote:
After looking at the following paper I was wondering if anyone on the list knows how the Canadian team reconstructed the Brachiosaurus neck?

Andreas Christian, Gordon Dzemski. 2007. Reconstruction of the cervical skeleton posture of Brachiosaurus brancai Janensch, 1914 by an analysis of the intervertebral stress along the neck and a comparison with the results of different approaches. Fossil Record - Mitteilungen aus dem Museum für Naturkunde. Volume 10, Issue 1 , Pages 38 - 49.

Did they reconstruct Brachiosaurus during standing (browsing) or during locomotion?

A different question came to mind for me:

 During locomotion the whole neck probably was kept in an lower position
 with the inclination reduced by approximately 20 compared with the
 position at rest.

At rest? What does that look like? How did the beast - and others like
it -  rest with a neck (and tail) like that?