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Jurassic Fight Club

Hi everyone,
I am the co-creator of the new series that the History Channel announced yesterday. My job is to host the show, choose the subject matter for each episode, and pick the individuals we would like to interview in each show. We have been working on the project for several years and are finally ready to begin filming the first season. Our contract calls for 10 episode to be ready by early 2008 and 10 more by mid 2008. If those rate well, we?ll do another 20 for seasons 3 and 4.

I have to roll of trying to balance science with entertainment. It can be a little challenging because the majority of the population has to be entertained in order to be educated. I have studied paleontology for over 30 years but I am not a degreed paleontologist. Back in 1997 I quite a very lucrative career and dedicated my life to teaching children about prehistoric life. I speak 200 times each year in schools, museums, libraries and public events and speak to nearly 100,000 people every year. The entertainment part of the show is where I will excel. But I need to balance that with the scientific side of the show.

A few years ago I joined your list and began to read your comments and become familiar with your work. I recognized many of you from your books, artwork and television appearances, but I was struck by the volume of individuals who have done so much for your science but have not received as much public recognition as they should. Certainly they are recognized within your industry, but the general public may not be aware of the things they do and their impact on Paleontology. I hope to interview the world?s most recognized Paleontologists, but also give some well deserved exposure to many others as well.

The most exciting thing about the show is that the History Channel is willing to set aside their normal interview procedures of having our guests sit in front of a blue screen and answer bullet point questions. In this series we?ll get to interact more and allow you to go into more detail on a more personal level than having you sit in a chair and answer questions. I think that the ?way? Paleontologists are often interviewed does not give the public a good perspective on ?who? the person is. Hopefully our show will allow the public to get to know you a little better.

The show has been given the largest budget in their network?s history and we have hired some of the world?s leading animators. The quality of the animation is a good or better than anything on the market today. We have a team of writers and researchers and will begin filming shortly. I can?t go into details about the show, but I know from reading the few comments that have already been posted, some of you might be a bit skeptical. I know that television shows often go for ?entertainment over accuracy? but my focus is to keep that in check. With your help I am sure we can create a popular show that is entertaining and scientifically accurate.

I have given our producers a list of museums I would like to film in and individuals who I would like to interview, so they will begin contacting some of you shortly. I look forward to meeting many of you soon, and hope that I can continue to ask for your help and guidance as I develop more show?s for the second, third and fourth seasons. If there are individuals out there that you think should be given some recognition, I would sure like to hear from you. (And no, there is nothing wrong with self promotion!) All I would need to know is who the person(s) is, how I can reach them and what their contribution to your industry is. I can't promise you that I can use everyone, but if what they do fits into an episode, then I'll sure as heck try!

Thanks again!

George Blasing
San Antonio, TX.