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Re: New paper

We're a day early for this, aren't we?


--- George Chapman <sarcolestes@hotmail.com> wrote:

> just got this new reference--sounds good!
> Sereno, Paul C. 2007. A New Phylogenetic Taxonomy of
> Dinosauria (Chordata: 
> Archosauria). Journal of Paul C. Sereno 1(1):1-834.
> A new and better phylogenetic taxonomy of the
> dinosaurs is presented, based 
> on the principles of Sereno 2005 which are far
> superior to those of the 
> draft PhyloCode. Ornithischia is redefined as a
> first-order redefinition of 
> the definition of Sereno 2005, as all taxa more
> closely related to 
> Triceratops Sereno 2005 than to Passer Sereno 2005.
> The name Saurischia is 
> replaced by Saurischimorpha tax. nov. and then a few
> pages later by 
> Saurischiformiformes tax. nov. The names Theropoda
> and Sauropoda are here 
> considered inactive, and must therefore be replaced:
> the replacement names 
> Sereniformomorpha and Serenimorphoforma are
> proposed. The new name 
> Dinosauria Sereno tax. nov. is proposed as a
> replacement for its homonym 
> Dinosauria Owen 1842, and is here defined as
> (Ornithischia Sereno 2005 and 
> Saurischia Sereno 2005). Four new synonyms of
> Sarcolestes (sensu Sereno 
> 2005) are provided. In addition the names Biota,
> Biotiformes, Biotomorpha 
> and Biotinae are all defined identically, but are
> not considered synonymous, 
> following Sereno 2005.
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than we do of many fossil groups." - Alfred S. Romer

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