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Re: New paper

Which side of the international date line are you on?


On Mar 31, 2007, at 10:37 AM, George Chapman wrote:

just got this new reference--sounds good!

Sereno, Paul C. 2007. A New Phylogenetic Taxonomy of Dinosauria (Chordata: Archosauria). Journal of Paul C. Sereno 1(1):1-834.

A new and better phylogenetic taxonomy of the dinosaurs is presented, based on the principles of Sereno 2005 which are far superior to those of the draft PhyloCode. Ornithischia is redefined as a first-order redefinition of the definition of Sereno 2005, as all taxa more closely related to Triceratops Sereno 2005 than to Passer Sereno 2005. The name Saurischia is replaced by Saurischimorpha tax. nov. and then a few pages later by Saurischiformiformes tax. nov. The names Theropoda and Sauropoda are here considered inactive, and must therefore be replaced: the replacement names Sereniformomorpha and Serenimorphoforma are proposed. The new name Dinosauria Sereno tax. nov. is proposed as a replacement for its homonym Dinosauria Owen 1842, and is here defined as (Ornithischia Sereno 2005 and Saurischia Sereno 2005). Four new synonyms of Sarcolestes (sensu Sereno 2005) are provided. In addition the names Biota, Biotiformes, Biotomorpha and Biotinae are all defined identically, but are not considered synonymous, following Sereno 2005.

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