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Charles R. Knight Cynognathus & Edgar Rice Burroughs

There are several  interesting Knight items up for auction on eBay at the 
moment. First is a  preliminary drawing of Cynognathus, probably for the Field 
Museum mural. Knight  corrected this design for the mural, making the animal 
look less "reptilian",  but this is an excellent view of Knight's beautiful 
drawing style. He loved his  pencil!:


Secondly at auction are two pieces involving the frontispiece of Edgar Rice  
Burrough's novel, _The People that Time Forgot_. I never knew that Knight had 
a  Burroughs connection like this. Knight at times would paint or draw on a  
photograph of an earlier painting to either correct it or to change its style.  
His illustration of an orangutan mother and child in _Animal Anatomy and  
Psychology_ is an example as well as his Hipparion in _Life Through the Ages_  
(one of his finest restorations). DV


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