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Historical Biology papers

Dear list,

First, many thanks to Tim  Williams for sending me a bunch of the Historical 
Biology papers! But then...it  appears that there are more! If someone has 
enough time to waste for forwarding  me pdf copies of Yates on Aliwalia, 
& Langer on Sacisaurus, Ezcurra  & Novas on Zupaysaurus, and Bonaparte et al 
on Guaibasaurus, I would be  forever grateful...

Thanks in advance,

Félix Landry
150 rue de  Vaugirard 75015 Paris, France
01 45 67 04 65 / 06 26 39 29  03
Elève de l'Ecole normale supérieure, département de  Sciences sociales
45 rue d'Ulm 75005 Paris, France