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Re: More New Papers LIVES!

> And in general research on theropods has stopped 20
> to 30 years ago, except 
> for the discovery (and just the discovery) of new
> specimens...

I find that the possibility to write such articles at
all is a nice confirmation of the nature of the
"dinosaur"-"bird" link as it is presently and
generally accepted.

Rather than having a straight, gradual sequence of
running from Archie though to Passer, we have much
uncertainty, and a "transition" that is broader,
possibly much broader, than most would have suspected
20 years ago.

It is the very difficulty of getting a robust
phylogeny of, say, Archie, Confuciusornis,
Caudipteryx, Microraptor, Sapeornis, Gobipteryx,
Rahonavis and (and if that's not enough, include
Liaoningornis, Gansus and Vegavis) respective to
non-avian theropods that enables Feduccia et al to
write such articles in the first place.

But this difficulty is not due to there being no
Theropoda-Aves link, but due to that link being far
stronger, far more diverse, and far less
straightforward *as regards its precise details* than
pop science used to have it. Or hopefully "used to".



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