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Re: Qld Museum to unveil Australia's biggest dinosaur bones

Dann Pigdon reports:

"Qld Museum to unveil Aust's biggest dinosaur bones"
ABC News - Thursday, May 3, 2007


Another version of the same news item (with a humerus photo)

Another article, about Australia's impending 'dinosaur rush':

And a transcript of a recent radio broadcast:

"SCOTT HOCKNULL: What we have here is a massive humerus, which is an upper arm bone; it's about 1.5-metres long. A similar sized humerus from the other size of the body, so we're dealing with a dinosaur which we've nicknamed Cooper.

"We've also found another dinosaur out there, which we've nicknamed George, and it's represented from a thighbone, a femur, and that's 1.8 metres long, so this makes it a massive animal, between 24 and 26 metres long, we're talking about."

"...And while they're not a world record, they come pretty close. Cooper and George are only 20 centimetres shy of the largest dinosaurs ever found..."


I see the word 'Titanosaur' is thrown about quite a bit. I assume this is a media-friendly version of 'Titanosauriform'.


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