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Re: Qld Museum to unveil Australia's biggest dinosaur bones

Colin McHenry writes:
 > Dann Pigdon wrote:
 > >
 > > I see the word 'Titanosaur' is thrown about quite a bit. I assume this 
 > > is a media-friendly version of 'Titanosauriform'. 

(Sorry, Dan, I missed your original question.)

I certainly hope they are not using "titanosaur" to mean
"titanosauriform", since the clade Titanosauriformes Salgado et
al. 1997 is defined to include brachiosaurids as well as
titanosaurians (and all descendants of their MRCA, of course).  I
would not be happy to see _Brachiosaurus_ referred to as a titanosaur!

... but the news reports of this beast say that the femur is 1.8m and
the humerus "only" 1.5m, which is rather different from the
proportions expected in a brachiosaurid, so I am pretty confident that
the new Australian specimens are titanosaurians, i.e. members of the
clade (_Saltasaurus_ not _Brachiosaurus_).

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