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Re: The Papers That Ate Cincinnati

On 5/5/07, Anthony Docimo <keenir@hotmail.com> wrote:

everyone knows what a Tyrannosaurus is, what the name means,

Do they? Under the ICZN, the only thing that's defined about the name _Tyrannosaurus_ is that it must include the individual represented by CM 9380, the holotype specimen. That's it. People have variously used the name to refer to just _T. rex_ or to both _T. rex_ and _T. bataar_, and Greg Paul even included _T. torosus_ (the type species of _Daspletosaurus_).

and what it's relations to other animals are.

That is outside the scope of nomenclature.

I'd love to know what happens when an animal gets placed and named in
PhyloCode, only to then be relocated to another place and name.  :D
(ie, how many times has the Hoatzin (as one example) been tossed from one
group of birds to another?)

Nothing happens, unlike the ICZN. Names are tied to definitions--that's it. -- Mike Keesey