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The Fate of Tenontosaurus

... and for the Cal Academy of Sciences in 1989 I did
a drwg. of a Tenonto herd ABOUT to be attacked by a
pack of Deinonychus. It's similar to when you think of
Capybaras: at least one must fall into the water and
get eaten by piranas. --Mark
--- Donna Braginetz <quailspg@frii.com> wrote:

> Mike Taylor wrote:
> >> ... no-one
> has ever, ever produced a drawing of _Tenontosaurus_
> Not Being
> Attacked By _Deinonychus_ Pack.
> Close but no cigar: Years ago for a children's book
> I did a small
> picture of a Tenontosaurus being eaten by only ONE
> Deinonychus.
> -- Donna Braginetz

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