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RE: Triassic 'dinosaurs' of North America - New paper

--- Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com>

> This is what I call a GREAT paper...

I like works like this, though this one in particular
is hardly interesting to me. Somebody ought to do this
for the avian crumbs from around the K-Pg boundary;
I'd stick it to my wall and bow down before it before
going to sleep every night... ;-)

> _Protoavis texensis_ - Discussed briefly, though the
> authors do not endorse 
> avian affinities.  The holotype is from Bull Canyon
> Formation, but the 
> _Protoavis_ hypodigm incorporates material from both
> the Bull Canyon 
> Formation and Tecovas Formation.  Parts of
> _Protoavis_ (especially the 
> cervicals) may come from a drepanosaurid; other
> drepanosaurid material is 
> known from the _Protoavis_ locality.  The tibia
> (TTUP 9201) and femur (TTUP 
> 9200) of the _Protoavis_ holotype appear to belong
> to a non-tetanuran 
> theropod, possibly a coelophysoid.

Good. Gives me a reason to read through it and not
just have it lying around.

Some coelurosaur/coelophysian expert check out the
skull pieces (the holotype) and condemn this "thing"*
into synonymy already...



* a la Star Wars Episode 4, when Han, Luke and
Chewbacca enter the Death Star prison tract to free Leia

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