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Re: The Papers That Ate Cincinnati

Mike Keesey wrote:

Presumably the panclade name would be _Pan-Opisthocomus_ or
pan-Opisthocomus or something along those lines. It would be
permissible, e.g., to define _Opisthocomus_ as "_Opisthocomus hoazin_ and all of its descendants".

Wouldn't this be a tautology?

Alternately, you could use _Opisthocomiformes_ for the total group.

Yep, this is my favourite option. Trouble is, like I said, as well as having _Opisthocomus hoazin_ as the internal specifier, you would have an extremely long list of external specifiers. You would probably need a representative of almost every other extant neognath 'order' as an external specifier, to cater for any and all topologies of modern bird phylogeny.

Not a bad idea, either. (With the character of manual unguals in
juveniles, perhaps? Or digestion by fermentation in the crop?)

If I was forced to use apomorphy-based definitions, I'd probably favour something more osteological, to allow for the inclusion of fossil taxa.



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