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Re: The Papers That Ate Cincinnati

On 5/4/07, John at UQ <john@wilkins.id.au> wrote:
> I have sometimes thought it might be nice to use another word here.
> Maybe "apocharacter"? ("Character" being Latinized Greek.)
Well, "morph" is just Greek for "form", and according to Aristotle,
anything that is definite has a form, which would include behaviour. And
forgive my ignorance, but isn't "apo" a Greek prefix, and "character" a
Greek word?

(I think "charakter" is the Greek form. Latin "character" is a loanword.)

Well, that makes me feel a lot easier about allowing for molecular,
spatiotemporal, behavioral, etc. apomorphies. I guess the sticking
point is that it seems weird to allow for non-morphological
apomorphies (i.e., for "morph-" to signify something more specific in
"morphology" than in "apomorphy").

Mike Keesey