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Re: The Papers That Ate Cincinnati

A stem clade "Panopisthocomiformes" could be erected for all birds closer to
the hoatzin (_Opisthocomus hoazin_) than to any other modern bird.

Ahh, okay; so PhyloCode says which species are in groups together. I can grasp that.....its like the clade diagrams of a long diagonal / line from an ancestor to a modern species (ie mammal-like reptile to a cow), with other \ lines shooting off at intervals marked with such things as "development of live birth" just after the line leading to a platypus & "development of a placenta" just after the line to a kangaroo, etc.

Now that I see how PhyloCode works for the big groups, how does it work for the little ones? Returning to hoatzins, how does it distinguish between, say, _Opisthocomus hoazin_ and _Opisthomus paradoxus_?

(yes, I made up the second one, just to simplify things)

thanks to everyone who's replied.

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