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Phylo-matters (was Re: Bonestell's Evolution Of the Earth)

On 5/8/07, Kent A. Stevens <kent@cs.uoregon.edu> wrote:
Thank you Dan, doubly:  for the break from the phylomarathon, and for
jogging early memories of Bonestell-induced wonder.  He had a similar
impression on me, he and Burian.

All right, all right, all right. ;P

Suggestion to everyone: if you'd like to continue discussing the
PhyloCode or Mike Taylor's paper (which spawned the whole discussion),
why not pop over to http://www.phylonames.org/forum/ and sign up?
Then we can leave those nice people who cringe at the mere mention of
apomorphy-modified node-based definitions in peace. :)

And, BTW, that's a really cool image, but, to quote Mystery Science
Theater 3000: The Movie, "Wow, it's the best weather Earth's ever
Mike Keesey, nervously glancing out the window at the Griffith Park fire