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RE: Monotremes

From: Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com>
Reply-To: mike@indexdata.com
To: keenir@hotmail.com

 > >  > Is it "parochial" because its human?
 > >
 > >No.
 > ah.
 > then *why* is it parochial?  that's what I don't understand.

Let me quote myself (or you can just scroll up 25 lines :-)  The view
from _any_ absurdly short slice of geological time will be parochial.
As palaeontologists, our task is to look at the _whole_ of time

I've no problem with that....my concern is that people interested in paleontology *might be frightened away* by the idea of having to phrase everything in cladograms.

(and before you say "oh its easy", I'll clarify - I don't mean drawing a cladogram, I mean speaking a cladogram)

the range of time that encompasses the organisms we study, anyway.
Personally I can live without the Miocene.)

*makes a note to eliminate the Miocene*

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