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Re: Classification: A Definition

On 5/9/07, Anthony Docimo <keenir@hotmail.com> wrote:

actually, that wasn't what I was asking....I was reminded that not all egg-laying mammals could be classed as monotremes -- so I asked if they could be classed as synapsids. (as just calling them "mammals" would just confuse some kids)

All mammals are synapsids (self included), not just the egg-laying ones.

The proper term for "egg-laying mammals" is ... "egg-laying mammals".
(Or "oviparous mammals", if you prefer.)

Curiously, there is no apomorphy-based clade for live-bearing mammals,
but if there were (e.g., "Vivipara"), you could used that to refer to
egg-laying mammals as well ("non-viviparan mammals"). ("Non-therian
mammal" comes close, but would include some extinct live-bearing
Mike Keesey