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RE: Dinosaur Diversity

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> I am working on correlating the extent of rock outcrops of terrestrial 
> sediments of the Jurassic and Cretaceous with
> diversity curves of the dinosauria during this period. Does anyone know of 
> the most up to date electronic database for
> the diversity of the dinosauria? Perhaps with additional data on the 
> country/countries of origin for each species?? And
> who I need to contact to obtain access?
>   Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If you have not done so, make certain you look at previous work (now way out of 
date!) related to this by Haubold (1990):
HAUBOLD, H. 1990. Dinosaurs and fluctuating sea levels during the Mesozoic. 
Historical Biology 4:75-106.

As for electronic databases: the Paleobiology Database 
(http://paleodb.org/cgi-bin/bridge.pl) includes in its records the Weishampel
et al. chapter on distributions from Dinosauria 2nd Edition. You can check with 
Matt Carrano at the Smithsonian for more details: he
is responsible for getting that data into the files.

Good luck, and I will be very interested in your results.

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