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DPP volume + ArcReader

I posted this email to the vrtpaleo mailing list last month, but
received no replies. Hope my question might stimulate an answer

I have been having a difficult time lately trying to get ArcReader 9.2
to plot quarry data from the CD that came with the Dinosaur Provincial
Park book. Those damned red exclamation marks keep appearing next to
the quarry and bonebed menu options. Has anyone else been having this
problem? The program was working fine for me last year on another PC,
though I may have been using an older version of ArcReader (can't
remember). If anyone knows how to remedy the problem, your help would
be appreciated.


Jordan Mallon

M.Sc. student
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
University of Calgary
3330 Hospital Dr. NW
Calgary, AB Canada
T2N 4N1