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Re: The PhyloCode will not address the naming of species (Was The Papers That Ate Cincinnati)

Mickey Mortimer wrote:

Actually, Livezey and Zusi found grebes and flamingos to both be members of their waterbird clade Natatores inside Neoaves, though with very weak support.

In their quasi-Linnaean classification, yes, both grebes and flamingoes are part of their "Division" Natatores, within the Gaviomorphae and Ciconiimorphae, respectively. But support was very weak indeed, and would collapse under bootstrapping into the clades Pygopodo-turbinares and Stegano-grallatores (ughh, hyphenated names!) So I would say that with negligible support for a Natatores/Mirandornithes clade, this group is effectively equivalent to Neoaves. I guess we're splitting hairs here... or feathers.



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