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Re: monotremes

<<Egg-laying is a TRAIT.  Given its widespread occurrence in outgroups to
the mammalia (e.g. birds, turtles, some but not all squamates, some but not
all lissamphibians), it may be presumed primitive for "mammals" (sensu lato:
take your pick of mammaliaforms, Eucynodonts (if you like Trevor Dykes's
WWWebsite and Yahoo group), synapsids...).  Hence it wouldn't be thought
good form to cite it in diagnosing a subgroup of mammals.>>

I must confess to liking Trevor Dykes' website on us old-time eucynodonts,
even the wobbly bits.  The Mesozoic metaherian (or 'basal' marsupial)
enclosures need cleaning.  Still, at least the stagodontids got some
freshing up last year.  The next objective appears to be the Mesozoic
eucynodonts of Britain.  A whole heap of relevant papers have come in.

Mesozoic eucynodonts, an internet directory
The Mesozoic - more than just the dinosaur.