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Re: Stego Shoulders

In a message dated 5/11/2007 2:57:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time,  
marksabercat@yahoo.com writes:

<< Why do you suppose in the older Stego mounts we
see the  shoulders positioned farther forward,
resulting in a short neck? When I was a  kid it always
suggested these guys were low browsers, but the longer
neck  resulting from a more posterior scapular
placement would have given them a  lot more motion
potential and feeding versatility, in addition  to
dramatically changing their look all together. >>

My guess is that the early artists were still  utilizing Marsh's 


Knight's Field museum mural shows this as well as Zallinger's Yale Peabody 
mural  (which is very extreme). Oddly, Knight's earlier AMNH 8-Spike painting 
and his  AMNH sculpture correct this somewhat. As far as pose goes (ignoring 
plates and  spikes) Lull's model is very modern. If you have Colbert's 
_Dinosaurs: Their  Discovery and Their World_, there is a photo layout of these 
The pectoral girdle in dinosaurs is very  difficult and some errors in 
assembling skeletons are still being made. Perhaps  Kent Stevens or Ken 
(if he's still here) have something to say about  it. DV

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