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Plateosauravus citation?

Michael de Sosa writes:
 > I just read through Yates' *Aliwalia* paper in Historical Biology,
 > and I noticed that he is using the name *Plateosauravus* officially
 > now. I had heard that he was resurrecting the name for some bones
 > previously assigned to *Euskelosaurus* but I didn't know the new
 > usage had been published, and it wasn't specifically cited in this
 > paper either. I haven't read, and don't have access to, all of his
 > work so I was wondering if anyone knew the citation for the paper
 > in which *P. cullingworthi* was resurrected and which remains Yates
 > assigned to it?

According to
it looks like this genus was resurrected in

        P. M. Galton, J. Van Heerden, and A. M. Yates.
        2005. Postcranial anatomy of referred specimens of the
        sauropodomorph dinosaur Melanorosaurus from the Upper
        Triassic of South Africa. In K. Carpenter & V. Tidwell
        (eds.), Thunder-Lizards: The Sauropodomorph Dinosaurs.
        Indiana University Press, Bloomington 1-37

Having said that, I just skimmed through the paper in question, and no
mention of it leapt out at me.

Good luck.

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